You’re the driver

Breaking Bad HabitsThis episode of “Psych Crunch” by the British Psychological Society explains one way that may be effective in helping you break bad habits.

The idea is to imagine yourself on a noisy bus. Maybe a bus filled with students on a school trip, as city buses in Japan are not usually noisy. The noise is distracting. But if you imagine yourself as the driver of that bus, you feel in control.

Breaking a habit of eating too much chocolate is the goal of one research described. Listen to find out if it worked and more about exactly what habits are and how they are formed. Like the habit of checking your smart phone. Keep listening to hear about another trick for breaking a bad habit — eating and drinking with your non-dominant hand. And keep listening to find out about how long it takes to create a new habit.

The episode is about 11 minutes long and it will be good practice for listening to British accents.


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