Half-time day

That’s a thing, apparently. Yesterday (June 30) was “half-time day” according to FM Fukuoka’s 「今日は何の日?」(What day is it today?)

halftimedayIt says that June 30th is the halfway mark of the year. It’s a day to reflect back on the first half of the year and make clear goals for the second half.

And we’ve gained a whole second of time: “Everyone on Earth is getting an extra second today” (from the Daily Dot). There’s an 8-minute video about the history of time-keeping, too.

What about July 1? Did anything interesting happen?

Well, sunglasses were invented in China in 1200 (says History Orb).

And in 2007 smoking was banned in public places in England (according to The People History). Read more about it at Smokefree England. Japan is coming along … slowly.

And the first Sony Walkman went on sale in … ? Can you guess the year? (For the answer, go to history.com.)


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