♫ Music streaming is finally here ♫

Apple Music has arrived, soon after LINE Music. Long after Spotify became popular in other parts of the world, we in Japan finally have ways to stream music easily. Spotify and Pandora never made it here (problems with obtaining rights, and Pandora was here briefly but disappeared), and CD rentals are still popular. But once people start streaming, it will be like other inventions: from “I never heard of it” to “Seriously, how did I live without it?” in no time.

The typical path of people’s response to live-changing inventions (from Money):inventions

I tried both LINE Music and Apple Music yesterday to compare. So far, I’m more impressed with Apple. It seems to have more of the kind of music I like. And I’ve already discovered a couple of artists I’d never heard of using the “For You” recommendations. Apple Music starts you with a selection process, which looks something like this:

And even though the options include J-pop, K-pop, and even 歌謡曲 (maybe “Showa Era J-pop”?), there seems at first look to be a lot more available on Apple than on LINE. And Apple has a 3 month trial period before you have to start paying. LINE’s is only a month. And there’s radio. And Apple has Taylor Swift.

Some reviews from the media to help decide:

Do you think music streaming is here to stay in Japan? Are CDs finally becoming obsolete here?



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