What will your creative project be?

There are so many different ways to be creative. It just takes an idea and persistence. Here are several such creative projects to amaze and inspire:

This is not a photograph. It’s a colored pencil drawing of a Tokyo neighborhood.

Tokyo street drawing

(from Rocket News)

This man has set out to draw everything in his grandfather’s tool shed.


See more on his Instagram.

(via kottke.org)

Are you interested in fashion? You might try something like these videos of 100 Years in Fashion: men’s version and women’s version. Raid your parents’ and grandparents’ closets and try 50 years of Japanese fashion?

This is a 3D printed look into our rather violent history.

(“All Things Fall” on Vimeo)

In this video, statistics are used to create a song about a world problem. It’s an example of creativity from a “data driven DJ”

(“Distance from Home” on Vimeo)

To balance those last two, 11 world leaders are asked “What is peace?”

(“What is Peace? on Vimeo)

And finally, for a bit of humor: “Smoking kills” — you could make a similar short, humorous video addressing a social issue.

What creative project will you undertake over the summer?


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