Who belongs on the $10 bill?


U.S. currency is expected to change soon: “Woman To Be Featured on Newly Redesigned $10 Bill, Treasury Announces” (from History.com).

Some people have said that it’s not the $10 that should be changed but the $20. Find out why here: “Keep Hamilton on the Ten, Put Tubman on the Twenty.” (from The New Yorker)

This article is referring to Harriet Tubman, an abolitionist during the Civil War in the U.S.

Some other possibilities include former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and several women’s rights activists.  Read more about these women here: “Whose face do you want on the $10 bill?” (from Democrat & Chronicle) and here: “A Woman on a $10 Bill? Readers Respond” (from the New York Times)

beyonce_bill_full2Someone has even suggested Beyonce: “10 Women Who Belong on the New $10 Bill” (from Rolling Stone)

Some things to think and research/write/talk about:

  • Which of these women are you familiar with?
  • Who should be on the $10 (or $20)?
  • What Japanese currency should have women? Which women?
  • Do we even need paper money anymore? What about digital currency?

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