Why don’t men wear high heels anymore?

You may have read about the kerfuffle at the Cannes Film Festival in May this year. Some women were turned away for wearing flats: “Cannes faces backlash after women reportedly barred from film screening for not wearing high heels” (from The Guardian).

PhotographerThe invitations said that attendees should dress “smartly” but people argued about whether or not that meant women should have to wear high heels.

And when did men stop having to wear them? It used to be the opposite: men were the ones wearing the really high heels. “Why did men stop wearing high heels, anyway?” (from Quartz)

Some things to think, talk and write about:

  • What does “dressing smartly” mean to you?
  • When have you been happy (or unhappy) to have to follow a dress code?
  • Do you enjoy wearing high heels? If you’re a guy, have you ever worn them? How did they feel?
  • And finally: What do you think when you see people wearing high heels in arguably questionable situations (for instance, while hiking, racing … or running away from dinosaurs)?

Ginkakuji (36)

(image from Clinging to My Sanity)


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