Generation gap

When rap was new and needed to be explained to the audience:

And kids today react to the first iPod:

One thing I love about this second video is that the kids say, “I don’t know” but then just play around with device until they figure it out.

The funniest (most frightening?) comment:

“(Back then) you needed 100 things to have a life. Now all you need is a box.”


2 thoughts on “Generation gap

  1. “Inner city kids learned street rhymes skipping”….. more than just a generation gap….

    It makes it sound like they are from another planet! But that is my interpretation. I feel, music is defined by written form and people were trying to get me into Notorious B.I.G – as soon as he said the B word and the N word – my mind went blank. Rap music was never meant to become a boundary issue, but, it sure has over the year’s.

    I like the old school stuff like Run DMC, Grandmaster Flash. After that – I really think the life of a rap star became too pimp like apart from “Cypress Hill!”

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