Looking at things differently

“Tatsuya Tanaka crafts intricate miniature calendar of everyday scenes” (from Design Boom)

I love this project for at least a couple of reasons: the regimen aspect (doing something diligently every day, and he’s been doing it since April 2011) and the idea that this artist spends his days, presumably, looking at things differently, trying to see the possibilities in things we don’t much notice.

You can find the calendar here: “Miniature Calendar”

A few I really liked:

Sumo gyoza (August 4, 2015)sumo gyoza

Bamboo Forest (July 7, 2015)bamboo forest

Thunder & lightning (April  24, 2015) — That’s surume (dried squid). Great idea!Thunder surume

Coffee rescue (March 2, 2015)Coffee rescue

Toothbrush shower (June 16, 2014)Toothbrush shower


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