The young and the old

It’s September, which means the start of the Fall Semester for most people. It’s also got a rather longish holiday this year: 9/21, 22 and 23 are, respectively, 敬老の日 (Respect for the Aged Day), 国民の休日 (“A rest day for the citizens of the country”) and 秋分の日 (Autumnal Equinox Day).

I thought about Respect for the Aged Day while reading two articles:

“Generation Y-Not: These 10 young entrepreneurs didn’t let age hold them back” (from The Next Web)

This is a list of teenagers who are more ambitious and successful than many adults.

“Non-stop action: why Hollywood’s ageing heroes won’t give up the gun” (from The Guardian)

This is about how many Hollywood action heroes are pretty old. Harrison Ford (returning as Han Solo in another “Star Wars” movie) is 73. Arnold Schwarzenegger (returning in another “Terminator” movie) is 67. Liam Neeson (with three “Taken” movies and still going strong) is 63. Even Tom Cruise (returning in the fifth “Mission Impossible” movie) is over 50.

Lots of things to think, talk and write about here:

  • your own ambitions,
  • young and old people you know who are doing remarkable things,
  • what your definition of “old” is,
  • what you’ll do for your older relatives on RftA Day,
  • movies in Japan that feature older people in action roles,
  • whether there’s a gender gap in the roles given to elder people in movies
  • … and much more.

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