Learning more about the TPP

Your eyes may glaze over at the topic, but it’s important to learn about what the deal means and may mean in the future, for consumers, producers, retailers and politicians. I heard a good explanation about it on the news this morning (in Japanese). Here are some links to English language explainers:

“TPP: What is it and why does it matter?” (from BBC)

“The Trans-Pacific Partnership explained” (from the Australian Financial Review — this one has some useful infographics, too)

“Sweeping trade deal sets wide-ranging rules” (from Nikkei Asian Review)

“The just-completed Trans-Pacific Partnership deal,¬†explained” (from Vox, which has explainers on many different topics)

“The TPP, explained in 75 seconds” by the Washington Post (video will open in a new tab):

TPP explained by WaPo

This one is a little older and definitely includes an opinion:

If you’re looking for more details, try going to Google News (or Yahoo News or…) and typing “TPP explained” and then browse the headlines. Make sure you pay attention to the source: Is it reliable? Does it have a bias?


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