You are what you drink

Americans have long had a problem with soda. Over the years it became, for many, a substitute for water. Ten years ago when I visited my dad, I noticed that he kept bottles of tepid diet soda in his bedroom, to have something to drink in the night. Horrified, I tried to get him to switch to water. It took some time, but he’s now soda free.

Like my dad, people started to realize how unhealthy it was — that they were basically drinking liquid sugar (or chemically sweetened liquid). It’s one of the main culprits for the obesity epidemic. And the big soda companies don’t want us to stop drinking. Here are two articles about the lengths these big companies go to keep us hooked:

“Coca-Cola Funds Scientists Who Shift Blame for Obesity Away From Bad Diets” (from the New York Times)

“The Shady Politics of Big Soda” (from the Daily Beast)

I have only anecdotal evidence, but I’d say probably 80% or more of the students in my classes drink tea. Some of that tea is sweetened, but mostly it’s green tea or barley tea. Another 10 or 15% drink water. A few drink coffee. In the years that I’ve been teaching, I think I’ve only seen one or two students drinking soda.

And most students are still drinking from plastic (“PET”) bottles. So this is perhaps the next step: “edible water”

“Ditch That Water Bottle And Drink Your Water Out Of An Edible Blob” (from Fast Company)


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