Removed from what?

I was on trains yesterday for nearly four hours altogether, including both commutes. Something’s happening on Tokyo trains these days. Or maybe I’m just unlucky. Every time I ride a train these days, it feels like there’s a delay. Anyway, yesterday I was people watching, giving my eyes a rest from my own smart phone screen. Nearly everyone was looking at a smart phone screen. Even people who were obviously friends or classmates or coworkers sitting together. One couple was talking at a conversational level and was getting dirty glares from surrounding people. Presumably this couple was too loud and disturbing whatever it was they were doing on their smart phones.

Are we spending too much time staring at our smart phones?

“Compulsive Texting Takes Toll on Teenagers” (from the New York Times)

Here’s a rather haunting collection of photographs. The photographer wanted to portray our society’s addiction to smart phones and created this collection called “Removed” — the devices are removed from each photo. Have a look and write about what you think in your portfolios. The photos have been removed, but don’t you think he’s also saying that we are removed? From each other, maybe? (Click on any of the photos to see more from the collection.)

Photo from “Removed” by Eric Pickersgill

Photo from “Removed” by Eric Pickersgill

Photo from “Removed” by Eric Pickersgill

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