No more sad desk lunches

I’ve noticed that in the teachers’ rooms where I work, most of the men have lunches from convenience stores, while many of the women have brought bentos from home. Students seem to be a mix, too, of lunches bought from convenience stores or the cafeteria and lunches brought from home. I seen and talked to some young women with homemade bentos, but I’ve never talked to a male student who brought a lunch from home. What’s behind this gender gap? Ask your family and friends and see if you can find some trends and statistics.

Speaking of desk lunches, I came across this story about a movement (and Twitter hashtag, of course) called #NotSadDeskLunch


Here’s the article (from Food52): “We Want to Change the Way You Make Lunch”

As you can see, it’s not just about the quality of the food, it’s about community spirit, too. And it’s in response, in part, to a Tumblr called “Sad Desk Lunch” which is filled with pathos. Some examples:

“Turkey cold cut on week old stale bread” (from Sad Desk Lunch)

“Someone did it. Someone really did it.” (from Sad Desk Lunch)


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