It’s not about WHAT you learn…

… it’s the simple fact that you’re learning that’s important. So says Neil deGrasse Tyson, our very own 「今でしょう!」 Hayashi-sensei style motivator.

He’s saying that even if you’re solving of some calculus problem, or your writing of a term paper on some obscure leader from history *seems* like a waste of time and that you’ll never need to know that information “in the real world,” that the processes of learning, solving problems, researching, expressing yourself — all of these skills are what’s important. Learning is never a waste of time.

Okay, so NdGT and Hayashi-sensei aren’t really *that* similar. But they’re both smart, they’re both high-profile figures in pop culture (though the latter’s 15 minutes of fame seem to be about over), and they both seem to really like to learn.


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