18 is not too young to have a say

GHS DebateJapan is considering lowering the voting age from 20 to 18. Some students I talk to think this is a good idea, but most seem to prefer things as they are. The opposers say that 18 is too young to vote, that they are still kids and have no knowledge of (or, they say, much interest in) politics.

Maybe I can start to persuade the opposers with this news story from a high school in Connecticut:

“GHS Students Take Part in Organizing BOE Debate” (from the Greenwich Sentinel)

High school students in this city helped organize a debate for Board of Education candidates. The students believe that the decisions made by BOE members directly impact their lives, and that they should have some say in who is making those decisions. This includes the students who are not 18 yet (the legal voting age in the US). Even though they can’t vote yet, they want to be informed.

Aren’t there issues decided by politicians — not only on the national level but on the local level — that impact your lives? Wouldn’t you like to have a say in who makes those decisions?


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