“Koselig” is what matters

It’s cold today. Eight degrees (Celsius) lower than yesterday. But at least it’s not snowing (this is a photo taken by an acquaintance last night in Hokkaido):


So when we feel cold, what should we do?

Think like the Norwegians: “The Norwegian Secret to Enjoying a Long Winter” (from Fast Company)

In a nutshell, the secret is to change your attitude. Look at the bright side of the dark, cold winter.

“People view winter as something to be enjoyed, not something to be endured.”

Hmmm.  Maybe we can look at college classes that way, too? 🙂

I also liked this line:

“There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.”

The title of this post uses the Norwegian word koselig. Can you find it in the article and explain it in your own words in English? How would you translate it into Japanese? I’m thinking that kotatsu and mikan will be part of your explanation, perhaps?


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