To dub or not to dub

Here’s an article from “Spain’s News in English” website The Local ES, about English-language movies dubbed into Spanish. The article says that they’re considering banning such dubbed movies in order to improve the nation’s English skills.

“Spain considers ban on dubbing in bid to boost English language skills”

Do you prefer to watch dubbed movies? Movies with subtitles? Does watching them with no dubbing help you improve your English?

The article also mentions that the Spanish Prime Minister is not very good at English and links to another article explaining that this has sometimes left him isolated in international talks. What do you think about Prime Minister Abe’s English skills?

The first article includes a video of the actress Jennifer Lawrence (pictured in the photo above — she plays Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games series) and her reaction to her Spanish-language dubbed voice. She thinks it’s way too high pitched. (Skip to about 10:50 in the video)

I remember watching an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie dubbed in Spanish once. The dubbed voice was MUCH lower than the actor’s real voice. A really deep bass voice that was almost comical to me.

The Local website has English news from other European countries, too:

The Local


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