What have you learned this year?


This is one person’s list of the 52 things (he) learned this year (from Medium). He provides links to the articles and sites where he learned about the topics.

What about you? Can you make a list of at least 26-30 (13-15 weeks per semester)? It’s a good review strategy for your language learning portfolios, as the year comes to an end.

Some of the things from this list that I thought were interesting:

  • #3: Why 18th century books look like smartphone screens.
  • #7: If you want to sell a product based on someone’s emotions, you should leave out cents (for example $15), but if you want to sell a product based on logic, add cents ($14.98). I wonder how this works in Japan, though. Maybe the difference between ¥2000 and ¥1980?
  • #11: In China, tobacco companies can sponsor schools and advertise to kids.
  • #23: Five years ago when some people were taken hostage by FARC (a rebel/terrorist group in Colombia), the army communicated to them by embedding Morse code messages into pop songs.
  • #31:  A good way to keep your morning positive is a routine of: Coffee, Calvin & Hobbes (a comic strip), and Instagram. Why? Because nobody posts anything negative on Instagram.

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