Don’t (necessarily) believe everything you find online

I found this list of “The best and worst nutritional advice from around the world” on Vox. It lists food guides from Italy, Canada, Japan and several other countries. How many of these are current, I wonder. The one from Japan says it’s from the Ministry of Agriculture, but there’s no date on it. Is this what you students learned in school? Isn’t the common sense these days that we should eat more vegetables and less grains (especially refined grains like white rice and noodles made with white flour), especially if we live rather sedentary lifestyles?

It’s important to try to confirm facts you find online and not necessarily believe everything you read. I looked at the Ministry’s site more carefully, and did find a date (October 2015).

food guide

So I guess they do still expect people to eat (slightly) more carbs than vegetables. What do you think? Is this advice obsolete?

After you’ve decided what to eat, try making this Christmas tree folded napkin to brighten up your table:


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