The shrinking team

When was the last time you ate fish? What kind was it?

Was it one of the four kinds that this TED Talker says we’re overfishing?

“Paul Greenberg: The four fish we’re overeating — and what to eat instead” (October 2015)

Last night, I ate カマス (Google tells me it’s “Japanese barracuda”). Not one of the four he mentions. That makes me feel better. But I do like salmon and tuna better, given the choice.

The speaker makes an analogy to a sports team. Did you catch it? What do you think of this metaphor? He also explains the origin of McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish sandwich, what it used to be made of, and what it’s made of now. What do you think of fast food fish sandwiches?

We’re not the only ones guilty of overfishing. Look at this scary creature:



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