“Until philosophers are kings …”

Encouraging students to pay attention to current events is something I do nearly every week. On the other hand, there’s this (the title of today’s post is from Plato):

Something to think about now at the end of the year, when Google comes out with their Zeitgeist video:

Compare that to the top searches in Japanese (you can switch countries/languages at the top of the page):

How about another country you’re studying? What were the top searches there?

I’m taking a break for the next couple of weeks or so, but there are plenty of topics in the archives if you’re looking for something to fill your language learning portfolio with. I hope you all have a good winter vacation and, as the video suggests, take time to consider not only what is new but what is important.

Happy Holidays!

I’ll be back in January with more ideas (nearly) every day.

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