The dark side

ny resThis isn’t a post about Star Wars. It’s about the dark side of new year’s resolutions. Most of us make them. And most of us last only a few days or weeks. Remember when we talked about 三日坊主 last semester? Remember how to explain it in English? Remember your 30 Day Challenge? How long did it last?

Here are two things to read and think about related to new year’s resolutions:

“Sweaty January and how gyms make money” — from BullMarket. This talks about how gym membership goes way up in January.

“The economics of the industry absolutely depend on the fact that a very great proportion of January joiners will not visit more than three or four times before the end of the year.”


“This Man Ate Only Junk Food for 30 Days and Lost 11 Pounds” — from Bon Appetit. This is a very questionable experiment and I certainly don’t advise it. (Remember when we talked about “Supersize Me”?) But it’s a good debate topic.

“Health is about more than skinny or fat…This is 100 percent true. My junk cleanse looks at the impact of junk food on weight, but of course it fails to measure all the intangible benefits of health, and there’s no way for it to gauge the long-term impact. Yes, I feel surprisingly good after twelve days of eating garbage, but what’s it doing to my cholesterol? My bones? My heart?”


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