Thinking like Churchill

Churchill Solitaire

Donald Rumsfeld has made an app. It’s called Churchill Solitaire and, as the name suggests, it is a game of solitaire. According to this article on Medium, Rumsfeld learned the game — which uses two decks of cards instead of one — from Belgian diplomat Andre de Staercke, who learned it from Winston Churchill.

I tried it, and it is more challenging than regular solitaire. Something to exercise your mind on your next commute? I’m hardly a fan of Rumsfeld, but if it helps people learn a little about history and do something besides Candy Crush, then it’s a good thing, yes? And he says that neither he nor the Churchill family — who okayed the use of his name — are making a profit. He says all profits will go to charity. This NPR article says some of the money will go to military veterans.

The app is free, with in-app purchases, and it’s available only on iOS now, but the site says they’re working on the Android version.


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