Tokyo vs. the world

Read on Lucky Peach why Tokyo is the best food city in the world.  We knew that.

Some highlights (and a warning that the author likes to curse):

  • You can eat food made by famous French or Italian chefs, but with Japanese ingredients.
  • “It’s the GenBank for food.” Because Japan is so skilled at taking what’s good from around the world and making it better, if cuisines from other parts of the world disappear, we’ll still be able to find them in Tokyo.
  • Conbini — convenience stores. They have some really great food there. A Natural Lawson just opened around the corner from me, actually, and I tried one of their sandwiches for lunch. Good taste, healthy and good price.
  • Even the fast food and chain restaurants taste better. I’m not sure about this one. I don’t frequent either, except for Starbucks. I do think the Starbucks’ lattes are better than the ones I’ve had recently at airports in the US. Stronger. And the milk tastes different.
  • Mostly, though, it’s just the variety.

What are your experiences eating in other countries? How does the restaurant and conbini experience compare? And what about other smaller cities in Japan? Do you think they have some of the same strengths as Tokyo?


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