Why don’t you ask the men those questions?

Fascinating animated interview with Sally Ride, the first American woman in space, and also — though this wasn’t known until after Ride passed away in 2012 — the first LGBT astronaut. She talks about the role of the media in her career, and how they put more pressure on her — and were less enlightened about women’s equality — than NASA ever was. She’s being interviewed by Gloria Steinem, perhaps America’s most famous feminist.

The subtitles seem pretty good on this video. I didn’t notice any errors. They speak pretty quickly and sometimes interrupt each other, so students may want to turn on the subtitles. Also, there’s an advertisement at about the 4:50 mark, but the interview continues during the video credits.

You can learn more about Sally Ride on the Blank on Blank site (where you can also find a transcript of the interview), on the NASA site, and on the Biography site. And here’s something from space.com about her as an LGBT role model.


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