Language learning stories

A couple of language learning stories from students in Malaysia who are about the same age as most of my students:

“Learning English through cartoons” (from The Star)

The first story is from a young man from Malacca. Here’s one excerpt:

“I enjoyed watching cartoons on TV that were translated in BM so that I could “fully” enjoy the shows.

But I was bored eventually when the channel kept airing the same episodes in BM.

That’s when I thought, why not watch the cartoons in English?”

He doesn’t mention which cartoons he watched, but there are tons and tons online, some of which have subtitles. Here’s a Mickey Mouse and Goofy one:

The second story is from a young woman who has this advice:

“To those of you who struggle with English, my advice is simply this: read! It is the only way you can pick up a language. Variety is important, too. You have to read magazines and newspapers to gain knowledge of the world and storybooks to improve your language and to bring out your creative side.”

And I would just add that you need to balance the input (the watching, the reading) with output: talk and write about what you’re watching and reading.


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