About love ♡

It’s still Valentine’s Day in some parts of the world now, so here are a couple of topics about love:

11 Words You Might Not Realize Come from “Love” (from Mental Floss)

The list includes “amateur” and “Friday”.

Alain de Botton on why romantic novels can make us unlucky in love (from Penguin)

This is a short essay comparing romantic novels to classical novels and how they make us think about love. He doesn’t give any specific examples of each type of novel. After reading the essay, can you?

He calls novels “life simulators”:

“A novel is a machine for simulating experience, a ‘life simulator’ and – like its flight equivalent – it allows us safely to experience what it might – in real life – take us years and great danger to go through.”

Here’s one example of his comparison. This is about the typical plots of romantic vs. classical novels:


“…the drama hinges entirely on how a couple get together … All sorts of obstacles are placed in the way of love’s birth, and the interest lies in watching their steady overcoming”


“the real problem isn’t finding a partner, it is tolerating them, and being tolerated, over time.”


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