Party tricks

What do you like to do at parties? Do you play games? Sing karaoke? Just eat and chat?

People in the Victorian age, according to this article from Atlas Obscura, unwrapped mummies.


“The same people who thought it vulgar to take off their gloves in mixed company, delighted in having a millennia old corpse divested of its wrappings in front of them.”

A ghoulish spectacle:

“… the woman to be de-mummified, was placed in a contraption that made it seem like she danced as her bandages unraveled around her. Slowly, as the linens were removed, a number of funerary jewels were revealed on her person…”

Supply and demand:

“Demand was so high that the fledgling tourist industry in Egypt transported mummies from the least visited places of the country to place in their more popular ruins, in order to satisfy foreign visitors.”

What changes do you see Tokyo making for the influx of foreign visitors, which will only increase more in the years leading up to the 2020 Olympics?


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