“Ugg: The look that refused to die”

This article from The Guardian is about Uggs, those ubiquitous boots, and other fashion trends. It starts with Kitson closing and goes on to describe Uggs as

“like something Frankenstein’s monster would wear if he were an elf.”

Despite this ugliness, Uggs remain a favorite of celebrities and us common folk. They

“defy the cruel logic of the fashion cycle and carry on”

So, what current fashion trends do you love or hate? What obsolete fashion trends do you remember? Which would you like to see appear again? Which are thankfully gone? Like ganguro, maybe, which even has its own Wikipedia entry in English.

“Ugh!” — the title of this post — is a common English interjection. Can you guess what it means from context? Look here to find the answer, along with many other short but expressive interjections. If you’re a more visual person, browse some “ugh” GIFs.


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