Sumo through the years

I never thought I’d get into sumo, but it’s happened. I even went to the Summer Tournament last year. I’ve been trying to get tickets to go back since then, but since sumo has become more and more popular in the past few years, it’s become harder and harder to get tickets.

So if you’re like me and know a bit about the sport, this article will fascinate you. If not, at least you may enjoy some of the pictures and have a look at an article that is very, very thorough and well researched.

“The Sumo Matchup Centuries in the Making” (from FiveThirtyEight)

I still can’t believe my hands are almost as big as Hakuho’s. Another reason why I’ve started to call him “The Trump of Sumo” — (other reasons: he’s a sore loser and not a very gracious winner).


The article has some interesting data (the FiveThirtyEight site loves data!):

What a long history!

And even though Mongolian rikishi have dominated the sport recently, there’s hope for Japan’s sumo rikishi:

“The population of Japan is now about five times the size of what it was when Raiden was active, making the pool of potential sumotori that much richer.”



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