Feeling distracted?

Try this quick (just one minute) game to find out how focused you can be:

“How Easily Distracted Are You? Here, Distract Yourself With This Game to Find Out” (from New York Magazine’s “Science of Us”)


I tried this a few days ago and must have been more distracted because I got a few wrong. This morning, I got them all right! Maybe it has to do with time of day, too. It’s much easier for me to focus in the morning. How about you?

Try to beat my score, then take a screenshot and write about it in your portfolio. Write about what things distract you and what time of day you’re more focused. And does language have anything to do with it? If the game were in Japanese, do you think you’d do better or worse? Doesn’t doing it in a second language require you to be more focused?



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