Salaries and sources

This infographic shows how much famous composers made, by today’s standards. Bach’s annual income in 1750 would be worth £28,000 today (about ¥4,519,125)

income of famous composers

Tchaikovsky’s 1866 income would be worth only £5,429 today (about ¥877,840). I think there must be a mistake in this infographic, though. If he was born in 1889, he couldn’t have had an income in 1866. And he was certainly not still alive in the 1950s! No, he was born in 1840 and died in 1893income of famous composers 2

See more here.

And don’t forget to evaluate your sources, especially if you’re doing a research project. I’m sure there were more people who were born in 1889 and died in 1953, but Edwin Hubble, inventor of the Hubble Telescope was one. I wonder who the person who made this infographic was thinking about.


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