“Firearms vs. Frappuccinos”

With another mass shooting in the U.S., gun control is topping the news cycle again. I have little hope that this tragedy will make a difference. The right to bear arms is too important to too many American citizens (even if that “arm” is a an assault rifle).

How bad is the problem? CityLab has created an interactive map of the U.S., comparing the number of Starbucks to the number of places you can buy a gun.

It’s pretty depressing:

firearms vs frappuccinos

Some cities, like Seattle (home of Starbucks), Washington DC and Chicago all have more Starbucks than gun dealers:

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 7.22.29 AM

but there are plenty of cities where the pink dots far outnumber the green. And Orlando, Florida (site of the recent shooting) is one of them:


It’s hard for us here in Japan to understand why it’s even an issue. But it is. If you can think of a solution that will make both sides of the debate happy, you’ll be ahead of just about everyone in the U.S., including the current president and the presidential candidates.


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