Governing Mars

According to this article from Quartz, missions to Mars will begin as early as 2018. When we get there, how shall we govern this new territory?

Getting there first will be Elon Musk and others from Silicon Valley, with regular “flights” possibly by 2020. NASA may not get there until 2030. But there are many things to think about before people start colonizing the planet.

  • Should there be a central government on Mars?
  • Should there be a Mars tax?
  • Who should control basic human rights of air and water?

The U.S. Congress has already passed one “space bill” into law and there are people who call themselves “space lawyers.”  The UN has an Office for Outer Space Affairs, and the Moon Agreement was reached way back  in 1979. Read about all this and think about what kind of government you’d like to see on Mars.


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