Science, sport, art … and a crime

“Chasing Niagara” is a documentary film about a kayaker whose dream it was to go over Niagara Falls in his kayak. It won an award at at least one film festival and will be more widely available next month. Here’s the trailer:

Other things to read, think, talk and write about:

In the “Jumps and plunges” section of this Wikipedia page on Niagara Falls, it explains that the first person to successfully go over the falls was a 63-year-old woman (a teacher from Michigan) in 1901. She was only superficially injured but said she didn’t recommend anyone else doing it. It also says that to test the strength of the barrel she used, a cat was sent over first. The cat survived. But I bet he wasn’t a very good pet after that. Here’s the teacher, the barrel and the cat:


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