Yesterday Tokyo was like an oven.

(data from the Japan Meteorological Agency)

The humidity ranged from 51% at 3pm, when the temperature reached the high of 33.8℃ (that’s about 93℉), to 92% at 5-6pm when we had a squall.

Rainy season shouldn’t end for another couple of weeks, but it felt like it was over yesterday, with the oppressive heat and evening squall. I even heard a few cicadas. They must have thought rainy season was over, too.

This article from New York Magazine asks the question: “Do Warm Climates Really Make People More Violent?” Researchers define “slow life” and “fast life” strategies.

Slow life: “living in a place with greater seasonality and lower temperatures prompts people to be more future-oriented and more greatly value self-control”

Many other things are considered: prosperity, punctuality, the tendency to hoard, and even the use of birth control.

  • Do you feel more prone to violent thoughts when it’s hot outside?
  • Another common idea is that people in warmer climates are lazier. Do you feel lazier when it’s hot out?
  • What are your strategies to keep your cool this summer?
  • After reading through the arguments (and the limitations), are you convinced?

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