Try and Understand

I saw this toaster on TV a few weeks ago. I don’t think it was the news, though. Probably it was on NHK’s “Tameshite Gatten” (Try and Understand) — a weekly show that solves the little mysteries of our daily lives (often about food and health).

Interesting trivia (unrelated to the actual appliance):

The inventor of this expensive and unusual toaster is a high school dropout who used his mother’s life insurance money to travel around Europe instead of going to college. (Try and understand that!)

Read more about the inventor and the invention here: “Meet Balmuda, the $230 Toaster From Japan” (from Bloomberg)

And if you’re wondering about the difference between “try and understand” and “try to understand,” this explanation was fun to read. Here’s another. I especially like the separate headers: “What the Usage Experts Say” and “What We Really Say.”


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