Did you vote?

Did you vote? If so, you’re one of only 54.7%, according to Asahi Shimbun and Japan Today. That’s the 4th lowest since WW2, though slightly higher than the last Upper House election 3 years ago. We’ll soon see what the data was for the 18/19 year-olds, who have the right to vote for the first. time.

“Japan Vote Strengthens Shinzo Abe’s Goal to Change Constitution” (from the New York Times)

Really, how hard is it to get yourself to the polls, even on a sunny Sunday?

As someone who has no right to vote in Japan, I envy you 18- and 19-year-olds your new opportunity.  I hope you took advantage of it and fulfilled your civic duty.

This is a pamphlet being passed out a couple of weeks ago in front of the university where I teach. It shows a least some effort to get students voting:





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