AI still has a long way to go

Four chapters of the Harry Potter series were input into an artificial neural network (AI learning machine) and then asked to produce a new chapter. The results are nonsense, but they’re fun to read. Here’s an example (and you can read the rest here):

Part 1

“The Malfoys!” said Hermione.

Harry was watching him. He looked like Madame Maxime. When she strode up the wrong staircase to visit himself.

“I’m afraid I’ve definitely been suspended from power, no chance — indeed?” said Snape. He put his head back behind them and read groups as they crossed a corner and fluttered down onto their ink lamp, and picked up his spoon. The doorbell rang. It was a lot cleaner down in London.

Hermione yelled. The party must be thrown by Krum, of course.

Harry collected fingers once more, with Malfoy. “Why, didn’t she never tell me. …” She vanished. And then, Ron, Harry noticed, was nearly right.

“Now, be off,” said Sirius, “I can’t trace a new voice.”

He punished Uncle Vernon, so loudly that she could barely use it with Viktor Krum, these faces in one side of their previous year. Mr. Dursley again was this champion. He was about to give the Remembrall there…. every time he picked it, up the marble staircase toward Fred, who was rolling with pain.

“Stinking, cowardly, scummy thing to calm too, terrible — one were covered in weird ink.”

The classes became small and fluttering off her sharp eyes. “Read it aloud!”

Apparently, the technology is the same as that used to predict the next word when you type, and the machine is smart enough to produce quotes (which I guess is pretty amazing technology). But the results do remind me of some of the machine-translated essays I sometimes get from students. It may be English, but it makes no sense.

So machine learning technology still has a long way to go, but we might as well have some fun along the way!

“I’m afraid I’ve never been paid today, I’m very sorry, if it’s deep in our Weasley”

This said you accuse me… else’s would want revenge. To Ron. Dumbledore will get out from behind a cream cake.

That last line is fantastic!


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