Where’s Harry Potter when you need him?

This meme of Trump as Voldemort is not new, but now there’s a study out proving (?) that if you read the Harry Potter books, you’re less likely to support Trump.

“Reading Harry Potter lowers Americans’ opinions of Donald Trump” (from EurekAlert — The Global Source for Science News)

Some key points:

  • Harry is tolerant, has Muggle friends and is himself a “half-blood”. Trump is intolerant, has made many racist and sexist comments, and wants to ban all Muslim immigrants and build a wall between the US and Mexico.
  • The Harry Potter books focus on trying to find peaceful resolutions to conflict. Trump is a fan of water-boarding and has prompted people at his rallies to be violent.
  • Harry and his friends are trying to save the world from an authoritarian figure who wants to rid the world of anyone unlike him or anyone who will not follow him. … Enough said.

Or maybe it’s just that people who read a lot are by nature more empathetic than those who don’t?


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