Summer challenge?

How is your summer challenge going? We still have some time before the fall term starts, so you still have time to work on your challenge.

My challenge was to get out of the city twice to places I’d never been before (accomplished!) and to read 5 books (accomplished!).

One of the books I enjoyed was called “Arthur & George” by Julian Barnes. Arthur is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the author of the Sherlock Holmes mysteries. George is George Edalji, a half-Indian British solicitor. George is suspected of murdering farm animals in a grisly way. Arthur seeks to find the truth. It’s based on a true story and not really a Sherlock Holmes mystery — (semi-spoiler alert: it’s not quite as neatly solved) —  but it was very entertaining. A good summer read.

One of the two places I visited that I’d never been to before was Matsumoto, in Nagano Prefecture. The castle there is beautiful and black. It was really crowded (lots of kids on summer vacation) and hot, but worth a visit.


And I tried 馬刺し for the first time. I also found this funny octopus in front of a takoyaki shop by Matsumoto Station. The small sign says, “This is a PokeStop!” Did you find any unusual Pokemon during the summer?


Get ready to ask me about my trips and books in class and tell me about your summer challenge.


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