Monkey drivers and the Town Sneaker

This video explains why traffic jams happen and what we can do to prevent them:

Do you have any transportation stories to share from your summer? Did you get stuck in traffic? Did your plane get delayed due to a typhoon? Did you have any unusual Service Area or shinkansen experiences?

In Matsumoto City, with a 1-day bus pass, we thought we’d be all set to buzz around town seeing the castle and other sites. Little did we know that the “Town Sneaker” bus ran infrequently and stopped all together by around 5 or 6 pm. We ended up walking around the city, which really isn’t that big (but it was hot!).

We’d also wanted to visit a winery, which is about 5 km. outside of the city. We discovered that our choices for the bus out to the winery were something like 10:45, 12:25, and then sometime after 2 pm. I took a photo of the bus stop near the winery:


It was worth a visit (if you’re over 20 and like wine), and if you want to taste test the wine (it’s free there!) you can’t rent a car. So my advice is to plan very well or take a taxi.

If you’re under 20 or don’t like wine, they have delicious grape soft ice cream, too. Not sure it’s worth the trip just for that, though.



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