100 Objects

The School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University came up with a list of 100 things that have affected our health, in both positive and negative ways. Here’s a peek:


The list includes things we use every day and probably take for granted (shoes, facial tissue, cooking stoves), things most of us probably never use but are necessary for some people (hard hats, electron microscopes), and things we should never use (guns, cigarettes, asbestos). Some may argue that I should not put those three inventions in the same category.

There are lots of things you can do with this list:

  • make a list of things you always/sometimes/never/should but don’t use
  • categorize it in different ways (for instance, where the things were invented, how old the inventions are, things that are not as available in developing countries, things you can/can’t live without … Can you think of other categories?)
  • rank the 100 in one or more ways (best to worst, most to least expensive…) , or make a Top 10
  • find something on the list you’ve never heard of or never used and find out more about it

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