Number 25, or 24

Japan has just won its 25th Nobel Prize. Or 24th, depending on whether or not you count Shuji Nakamura, a naturalized American citizen born in Japan. Most of the Japanese media seems to be saying 25. Why not, right?

I just saw Professor Osumi explain in a press conference why he has such a big, bushy (by Japanese standards anyway) beard. He said that when he was an exchange student he was told by people that he looked really young, and so he started growing a beard to look older.

Here are three articles from the Nikkei Asian Review where you can find out more about him and his research:

I especially enjoyed the second one, where we learn why he’s stoic (it’s because he’s from Kyushu, says the article) and how he’s not really that competitive; he just loves doing research.

He’ll be on the top page of the Nobel site until the next prize is announced. If you miss it, this is what it looks like. After the next prize is announced, you can find all the information about this medicine prize here.


including this poll and an interview with Professor Osumi.



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