Oxford Dictionaries has announced its Word of the Year for 2016:


They say the choice is because of both the Brexit vote and the US election, although the first use of “post-truth” appears to have been in 1992, referring to the Gulf War. The “post-truth” campaigning and fake news certainly seem to have been one reason for the suprising election results in the US.

After President Obama was elected, many people hoped that it signaled a “post-racial” world. We were obviously wrong.

You may remember that last year’s was an emoji (not the word “emoji” but a specific one):

😂 (Face With Tears of Joy emoji)

Browsing past winners and the shortlists says a lot about current events over the years, and some years have a different winner for the US and for the UK.

It’s a good reminder that langauge changes, as does most everything else in life, so we need to adapt. But it’s okay to debate and fight things — policies, attitudes — that you disagree with.


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