Lovin’ those slogans

This map shows each country’s tourism slogan. I have CNN on in the background at my house a lot, and I see (hear) the “Incredible India” commercials often. And the “Malaysia: Truly Asia” ones, too. This one is a couple of years old, but the earworm is still there.

Which slogans are memorable? Forgettable? Which ones make you want to hop on a plane and visit that country?

I like Latvia’s “Best enjoyed slowly”:


New Zealand: pure what? Russia’s is almost like a taunt. And Bhutan and Uganda are funny, too, in a very low-key way.

Slogans have a long history. Which of these slogans do you know?

Just do it.

Everyone recognizes that Nike slogan, right?


It’s been around since 1988, but I bet you didn’t know that it was inspired by a murderer.

The current McDonald’s slogan is “I’m lovin’ it” which was apparently created by a rapper, not Justin Timberlake.

I visited the McD Japan site and found this. I don’t watch much Japanese TV these days. What’s the McD’s jingle now? How would you translate this slogan below?


What slogans do you remember as being very effective? If you worked for an ad agency, what slogans would you come up with that would work better for your demographic (university students in Japan)? What about slogans in other countries that you’re learning about? See if you can find some local ads and commercials and find out what kinds of slogans are used.


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