❄️ Let it snow ❄️

My favorite part of this: that this couple has been married for 23 years and still enjoy going for walks together every day.

❄️ Happy Holidays ❄️

I’ll be back with more topics in January.



This is a place called Chillazy, in Hong Kong. You can go there and pay $6 for an hour of peace and quiet.

Read about the two young entrepreneurs who started the company, why they choose to put in hammocks instead of beds (to avoid a hospital atmosphere), and more.

“Paying To Be Lazy: Chillazy Startup” (from Youth Time Magazine)

I think we need at least one of these rooms on campus. Where should we put it? Should it be free? If not, how much would you be willing to pay per hour? What furniture and other things would you put in it? Should it be completely quiet or have some calming background music?