Rights and wrongs

The Google Doodle for January 30 in the US is/was celebrating the birthday of Fred Korematsu, an American citizen who was imprisoned during World War II because he was of Japanese descent.


Read Google’s page about him.

Read more on Reason.com: “Today Is Fred Korematsu’s Birthday, Which Seems About Right

A 10-minute documentary:


Fail better

This is a bit too black and white — I think we all have a little “Jay” in us, even if we try to be “Ann” as much as we can. But it’s a good reminder to try to see difficulties as challenges and learn to “fail better”.

Make Your Point


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Here’s a recent example:


Some of the things that are included in your mail:



My “recycling”:

Instead of incessantly checking our phones for new LINE messages or news alerts, one good new year’s resolution is: “I will wait at least 5 minutes after sitting down on a train to check my phone.”

Although — or maybe because — Donald Trump spoke incessantly for years about his belief that Barack Obama was not born in the US and was therefore an illegitimate president, he spent his first days in office desperately trying to convince Americans that his inaugural crowd was bigger than Obama’s, somehow proving his own legitimacy despite the fact that he lost the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes.