The quick brown fox…

The new academic year begins this week for most of us. You’ll be writing and typing a lot this year, so if you’re not already confident in your typing skills, this is a good time to practice and improve. Try this sentence:

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

It’s a pangram. That means it uses all the letters of the English alphabet, so it’s often used to practice typing.

Here’s one site that can help you: Ratatype. (Caveat: before you start, this site does not seem to work well with Safari, but I had no trouble on Chrome and Firefox.)


You don’t have to sign up to take the typing test, but if you want to try the tutorials (Typing Tutor) and save your scores, you need to sign up (e-mail or Facebook).

ratatype menu

Start with the Typing Tutor if you’re not familiar with the keyboard and finger placement. It will start you off by practicing the middle line (asdf ghjkl;) and you’ll move through the lessons if you can do them without too many mistakes. This is Lesson 2:

typing tutor

If you’re already familiar with the keyboard and just want to time yourself, go to the Typing Test section. You can do it just for yourself, or you can compete with other users for high scores.

Your profile page will keep track of your progress:


I tried the typing test again this morning and my speed and accuracy actually improved a little since I did it last year . Can you beat my score? (I’ve had a lot more practice than most of you, though, I’m sure…)

Discussion / Research Question & follow-up:

Are there any pangrams in Japanese? How about another language you’re studying? (Here are some more in English.)