“A World Without People”

This photo series from the Atlantic highlights sometimes beautfiul, often eerie pictures of places that have been abandoned. Lots of research topics here: find out more about how one of these places got this way. Or more general topics: about how Olympic cities use the venues after the games are over, about how countries recover from disasters, about war, about the resilience of plants and animals.

There are 35 photos in the series. Here are a few, with their captions.


If you love animals…

The Dodo is a website “for animal people”. If you love animals, you’ll find videos in three different categories: pets, farm animals, and wild animals.

Here’s the video I saw on Twitter yesterday that made me want to visit the site:

And speaking of shelter dogs, there’s a TV show on in the US called “Downward Dog”. Here’s the trailer. We can’t watch the series on the ABC site over here because of annoying international rights agreements, but maybe it’ll show up on Netflix Japan or Hulu Japan, if you’re using either of those to stream TV and movies.

“The glow of inspiration”

This is from “Pyotr Tchaikovsky: In the mood for work” by Zen Pencils. Click on the image to see the whole cartoon strip / comic.

And after you think about that one, think about this one, too (click on the image to read the whole cartoon strip / comic):

For those of you who enjoy translating, try translating one or both of these stories. Or use these as inspiration and make your own comic strip about inspiration.